Seasons in Our Wildlife-friendly Yard: Summer 2016 in Pictures

Chipmunk, summer 2016
Chipmunk, summer 2016

Extreme drought dominated and desiccated our summer this year. The bird baths and fountains were all refilled daily, and the pond was topped up every 3-4 days. The wildlife responded happily to the diversity of water sources and provided us with a show. We even had fireflies again in the evenings this year.

Chipmunk in the Pond Garden, Summer 2016
Chipmunk in the pond garden, summer 2016
Green frog, summer 2016
Red squirrel, summer 2016
Hairy woodpecker , juvenile, summer 2016
Eastern cottontail, summer 2016
American toad, summer 2016
Widow skimmer, summer 2016
Song sparrow, summer 2016
Ruby-throated hummingbird (f), summer 2016
Purple finch, summer 2016
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth, Summer 2016
Hummingbird clearwing moth, summer 2016
Steel-blue Cricket Hunter on Mother-of-Thyme, Summer 2016
Steel-blue cricket hunter on mother-of-thyme, summer 2016
Adolescent Robin in Larch, Summer 2016
Adolescent robin in larch, summer 2016
Ctenucha moth on black-eyed Susan, summer 2016
Ctenucha moth on black-eyed Susan, summer 2016
Cedar Waxwing, Spring 2016
Cedar waxwing, summer 2016
Cabbage White Butterfly on Catmint, Summer 2016
Cabbage white butterfly on catmint, summer 2016
Patio 2016
American toad, summer 2016
Fritillary Butterfly on Milk Weed, Summer 2016
Fritillary Butterfly on Milk Weed, Summer 2016
Ctenucha Moth on Milkweed, Summer 2016
Ctenucha moth on milkweed, summer 2016
Grasshopper on Patio Door, Summer 2016
Grasshopper on patio door, summer 2016
American Goldfinch in Larch, Summer 2016
American goldfinch in larch, summer 2016
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth on Garden Phlox, Summer 2016
Hummingbird clearwing moth on garden phlox, summer 2016
Pond Garden in shadows, Summer 2016
Pond garden in shadows, summer 2016
Adolescent Cardinal on American Bittersweet, Summer 2016
Adolescent cardinal on American bittersweet, summer 2016
Great Spangled Fritillary - (Speyeria cybele) on Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
Great spangled fritillary – (Speyeria cybele) on purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
Milkweed Beetle on Milkweed, Summer 2016
Milkweed beetle on milkweed, summer 2016