Seasons in our Wildlife-friendly Yard: Winter 2015/2016

Although the winter got cold and the snow got deep after Christmas, there was still a wide diversity of wildlife in the yard taking refuge and sustenance in the shelter, cover and food provided here. See some of the sights below.

Couple of American Goldfinches, Winter 2016
Couple of American goldfinches, winter 2016
Blue Jay in American Bittersweet, Winter 2016
Blue jay in American bittersweet, winter 2016
Male Hairy Woodpecker, Winter 2016
Male hairy woodpecker, winter 2016
Crow in Serenity, Winter 2016
Crow in serenity, winter 2016
Pedestal Birdbath in Snowbank, Winter 2016
Pedestal birdbath in snowbank, winter 2016
After the Snowstorm - another pedestal Birdbath, Winter 2016
After the snowstorm – another pedestal birdbath, winter 2016
Red Squirrel, Winter 2016
Red squirrel, winter 2016
Sparrow and American goldfinches, Winter 2016
Sparrow and American goldfinches, winter 2016
Purple finch, winter 2016
Purple finch, winter 2016
Mourning Doves, Winter 2016
Mourning doves, winter 2016
Unknown Sparrow in Grape Vine, Winter 2106
Unknown finch in grape vine, winter 2106