Videos: Educational/Documentary

Watch and learn: videos for information and education listed below (alphabetically listed):

Algonquin Wildlife Research Station: Meet Canada’s Bird, The Gray Jay

BBC How Plants Communicate and Think

Bernie Kraus: The Sound of Extinction

CBC: Snake Orgy (The Nature of Things)

CBC: The Great Butterfly Hunt

Doug Tallamy: Biodiversity (Native plants to support wildlife)


Green Frog Calls

Fabrication d’un nid de┬ábourdons (Making a Bumble Bee Nest)

Greenpeace: Humpback Whales Under Northern Lights in Norway

Landscaping: Part 1 Pride ( Pride, Science, Law)

Landscaping: Part 2 Science

Landscaping: Part 3 Law

Life in Syntropy

Louie Schwartzberg: Fantastic Fungi: The Forbidden Fruit

Monarch Butterfly Emerging

Monarch Caterpillar Metamorphosizing

National Geographic: The Secret Lives of Trees

National Geographic: The Secret World of Dragonflies

Racoons: Mother Teaches Baby to Climb

Solitary Bees (UK)

Spider Spinning Web Up Close

Spring Peepers

Squirrel Makes off with Gopro Camera

Suzanne Simard: How Trees Talk to Each Other

TED Talk: The Hidden Beauty of Pollination

What Plants Talk About